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For any questions
regarding this
product please call Frazer Smith on:

+44 (0)7813 866269
8.00am to 11pm
UK time



A Simple and very effective solution

Ferrari GT4 Dino of 1974
"Just to let you know received and fitted lifter module to nearside window motor and it worked very well. The n/s was the problem the glass would go down slowly then stop 2/3 way down, no way would it go up without physically helping by pushing the glass up whilst depressing lifter switch. Now, the glass will go down a little more but will rise without help, all this without the engine running. Just goes to show your product works well on our GT4 Dino of 1974 vintage, most grateful."
John Harris from Glostershire England

Ferrari Dino 246 GT
"Just installed your product on Dino 246GT, WORKS GREAT! A little tricky, as there's almost no length on the internal window leads. I spliced your leads, and made them double leads with spade connectors. this saves time and eliminated the need to splice the VERY SHORT wires that are on the dino motors. I can actually raise and lower the motors without starting the car!!! 1st time for that."
Dave M. Villanova, PA USA

LH Window kit fitted with amazing results!!!!!
Im very very happy with these kits. Frazer has done all the hard work for us guys building these boxes. Thanks again Frazer, much apprectiated mate!! :D
PAP 348

Fitted mine today, absolutely first class!!
Many thanks Frazer for the rapid delivery and your work on getting these made, my passenger side window was painfully slow, not anymore.

One more very satisfied user of these boxes, thanks Frazer!! I have now used it about 1.5 months and it certainly improved speed when engine was off. Easy to install, works very well and very cheap as well, what more to ask!!! :D

This means an end to the embarassing "Whats wrong with your windows?" question!